Don’t like Autism Speaks?



Shannon Penrod, Hos of Autism Live shares her thoughts on the LA Times Op-Ed article. 

  1. It would have been nice if you pointed out that the 50 Year Old Autism Society of America has both representation on our National Board with a member on the spectrum and A Panel of People on the Spectrum representing the community. We think it is essential to listen to the voice of the community we serve and are an integral part of our organization, There are so many Autism organizations already in existence creating a fractured community diluting the overall message and financial resources of the group as a whole. Why on earth would you recommend stating yet another? Starting a new start up and dividing the community even more doesn’t seem to be the best answer at all. It makes the community more divisive. We have seen where that has gotten us. To see our panel go to and click About US and scroll down.

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