As November is the “Month of Giving” here in U.S. of A, I thought I would take a moment to thank the angels in my family’s life.

The autism spectrum is an unpaved, bumpy road less traveled. Many times we’ve stalled out on our journey along it, either overheated or out of gas or with holes in our tires. These compassionate people have gotten us moving again, providing new fuel, an alternate route, or sometimes a quick repair job in the form of a simple well-timed smile…

To the public school teachers who took my son under their wings early on, thank you for doing what you could in his best interest. Your flexibility helped my square peg fit into what is normally a strictly round educational track.

To the doctors who aren’t dismissive, thank you for listening and keeping an open mind about treatments that don’t yet have the backing of a dozen medical studies.

To the cashier at my local Whole Foods grocer, who radiates a calm optimism that’s like yoga for my brain. Whatever you’re smoking, I want some of it! Thank you for reminding me to breathe and accept that we can’t control everything.

To my son’s vision therapist, the Mama Angel. Many thanks for your empathy, your larger-than-life sense of humor, and for teaching me a thing or two about advocacy.

To our various health insurance providers. It has been a rocky relationship, but in the end you have helped fund imperative therapies and labs that were outside your frame of understanding, and we appreciate you.

To my son’s first good occupational therapist, who knew that he would avoid as much as seek out the exercises his body needed.  Movement is one of our remedies, thanks to you.

To our neighbors. You have been shoved into the front row of our crazy variety show at ungodly hours, and yet you still drop off a plate of cookies at Christmas. Your graciousness means more than we can express. We are so thankful that you are our community.

And finally… To my parents and in-laws, the grandparents, who trust in our peculiar parenting ways. I know you feel helpless at times. You can’t compare all the milestones and brag about your visits with the grandchildren in quite the same way your friends do. You are outside the box just like us, traveling the unpaved road. I love you all so much for embracing that, for cherishing the new normal and continuing to be our role models.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, take a moment to thank your personal Autism Angels. Tag us between now and Thanksgiving with the ‪#‎autismangels‬ and‪#‎lovemyprovider‬ hashtag, and one lucky winner will win a 6 months subscription of BIRCHBOX beauty products!

  1. I love thissssss. I especially love the paragraph about the grandparents and how they are outside the box too. My son has three sets of grandparents, and my inlaws have been truly amazing. They have made this road so much more bearable and they still brag and share all Alex’s milestones with a such pride, his diagnosis didn’t make them miss a beat. They love him just the same. The way you describe it really struck a cord with me. Thank you.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful piece of writing from a great mother. We miss being your neighbors and wish we saw you more often. But reading this makes me think of good times on Sweetzer and how wonderful your family truly is.

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