Sure, there are hundreds of support groups across the United States. But sometimes it’s just tough to find that oh-so-elusive specialized provider that speaks Urdu or Finnish, or takes just the right type of insurance or payment plan that you’re looking for.

Fill in the fields with terms that describe what you’d like to find, and we’ll do our best to come up with a list of providers in just 48 hours! C’mon, don’t be shy. Take it for a spin!

Some of the sample Special Needs Resources requests we’ve received so far:

“I am looking for a Pediatrician near Allentown, PA for my 8 year old son with autism.”

“I am looking for a Tutor near Skokie, IL for my 4 year old daughter with autism and ADHD.”

“I am looking for a Summer Camp near San Francisco, CA for my 10 year old son with Cerebral Palsy.”

“I am looking for a ABA Therapist near Mesquite, TX for my 3 year old daughter with Autism.

Disclaimer: Our Love My Provider ninja’s aren’t perfect, so be patient while they search for the best Special Needs Resources!  

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