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    We have been working with Terry & Steve since our now 10-year old daughter was 3. They are relentless. They never give up because they care so much and have helped us to keep chipping away at every aspect of autism to reveal the beautiful, caring little girl underneath. They do not believe one size fits all and have worked hard at figuring out exactly the right combination of therapies and philosophies to maximize our daughter’s potential. We will always be thankful that they are so dedicated to us and our daughter.

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    Having worked with Terry and Steve as a team lead and therapist for a number of years I have found them to be diligent and passionate. They have such a broad scope of knowledge and experience that it feels nothing is too big or small a task for them to deal with in their own special hands on way.

    Being not only knowledgeable about a variety of teaching strategies, but creative and innovative, it makes working with them a real pleasure, especially when they are so willing to “get their hands dirty” and muck in with the rest of us! Drawing from a wealth of experience they create programs that are accessible and easy to implement not only for experienced therapists but for all the members of the team, right down to the youngest sibling!

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    Our family has had the privilege of having Steve and Terry on our daughter’s team for the last 2.5 years. The foundations of being a “good and true” learner, which they have been able to teach her, are something she can carry on through all of her life. They have helped our daughter learn so many things that others did not even know how to explore and/or expect that she could. They are passionate about helping our kids learn and learn through very creative means and because of them, we now have a child who is playful, communicative, more patient, is able to learn academics and self-help skills, affectionate, and is happy to learn and be with others!

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