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    When my daughter was diagnosed autistic, I cried. I cried because her life would be hard, I cried because our life would be hard, but mostly I cried because I had no idea what being autistic meant. I immediately thought of “Rain Man.” As a parent, we don’t get to pick and choose the things that our children get to go through. We launched head first into regional centers, what seemed like a million evaluations, and a slew of treatments. After a year or so of occupational therapy, speech therapy, equestrian therapy, special preschools, regular preschools and lots of wine – it was suggested we start ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). This is a game changer. Like anything else, I started to research. After selecting to go with ABRITE, we finally started seeing massive results with our daughter. She was talking more, drinking from a cup, potty training – successfully potty training, making eye contact, playing with others, hugging, and even singing songs. To a parent of a normal developing child, this may seem silly to mention this list….but to a parent of an autistic child this could easily bring tears of joy to your eyes. ABRITE changed and continues to change our lives. They love my daughter. Dr. Najdowski is magic. I don’t think I have ever met anyone as smart as her. There is not one thing I have brought up to her that she didn’t have an immediate plan and answer to. Her team is well trained, efficient, and very loving sweet people. This is not just some corporate autism treatment center. These are people who truly care about working toward the recovery of your child. Not all autistic children have the prospect of recovering. In my opinion though, my daughters best chance lies in Dr. Najdowski and her team. They have my highest recommendation. Do yourself and your family a favor – make a change.

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