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    My son was diagnosed at 11 yrs old. All of these years nobody was able to give him appropriate therapy. Once diagnosed, a concerned provider sent me to Yrenka. We have only worked with her for five months and have seen some positive social changes. My son has a few people interested in spending time with him that have invited him into group activities. He still has a long way to go as he should have had earlier intervention, but Yrenka and her therapist Frank have given us a lot of hope for the future. They have also worked on family interaction where there are changes beginning. This has been the most effective treatment our son has had since our saga began in 2nd grade.

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    The therapists at Suderlin are excellent, skilled, compassionate, professional yet very personal. Extremely detail oriented. The ABA approach was over my head. Our therapists have been patient and understanding. I have learned so much and our Daughters behaviors have improved greatly. The best part is that she LOVES her therapists. She runs to the door so excited every day. It’s a journey and I feel like we have chosen the best Tavel buddies 🙂

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