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    Sherry Spencer started working with our family when my son was 3 years old. I believe the most important thing that she taught me, as we began this journey with Rowan, was not to put limits on his potential. Sherry always had high expectations for Rowan, pushing the boundaries of what he could do to encourage him reach for the next logical step. She kept a strong focus on Rowan’s intellectual and emotional growth, developing programs that supported both.Sherry was always friendly and supportive to all she interacted with, whether it was family members or therapists in training. In addition, she trained school aids, and assisted to teachers with program development. She blended different types of therapy, with approaches and techniques that utilized the best of all. Her creative thinking has stimulated ongoing positive expectations for Rowan.

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    My family has been with Sherry Spencer for 4 years. When our son, Liam was first diagnosed with Autism, Sherry was one of the first people we talked to about his diagnosis and getting him services outside of the district.

    She has been with our family ever since and has really fought for Liam at every turn. When we first started with her Liam’s behavior was starting to go extremely downhill to the point where he was hitting and biting, he even gave me a black eye. Today he’s in 2nd grade, is one of the sweetest kids I have ever met and is incredibly happy.

    I think some of Sherry’s greatest strengths are:
    -parent training
    -putting a tailored program together that meets the need of your child
    -working with insurances to best meet the needs of the family
    -finding other services and programs that would be beneficial to the family

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    Sherry Spencer, founder of Coastal and Behavioral Services, has been a grounding force and anchor in our family’s life for almost a decade. We had the great fortune of having her as our son’s Director of his behavioral program from the time he was 18 months old until he no longer required services in the 2nd grade. Throughout that time, she supervised his team, facilitated weekly meetings, developed the programs and strategies to help him build his skills and address his greatest needs, wrote detailed reports and presented his needs at Regional Center and IEP meetings. She has the winning combination of a no-nonsense practicality and down to business attitude along with a heart of gold and a loyalty that is unmatched . She is experienced enough to know what strategies and interventions will be effective for your child and the judgement to know when they are no longer needed. Our son was an early intervention success story…today has many social connections, does not require an IEP or other services, excels in the gifted and talented program in our district, and plays competitive team sports. He would not be where he is today without Sherry’s expert support. Though we are no longer clients, she has continued to be a resource. I am thrilled that Sherry has opened Coastal Learning and Behavioral Services and know many families will benefit from what she has to offer.

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