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    My son has been seeing Ms. Martin for about a year and we can not say enough wonderful things about her! We are immensely pleased with his progress — we can see a real difference in his speech, and he is more confident when speaking to adults. Ms. Martin has successfully engaged my son through games and entertaining worksheets each week, and she is also sure to provide me with “homework” after each session so that not only can I help, but I also feel involved in his development. Best of all, he loves going to speech each week!

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    We have experienced Ms. Janene Martin’s talents in speech therapy for 5 years with our kids. She uses the full range of her experience to produce positive results. Ms. Martin is attentive to parents concerns and the student’s challenges. She creates an individualized approach and regularly monitors the process while keeping in contact with the parents, teachers and other relevant participants. She is open to suggestions and has shown a willingness to make adjustments in her approach to meet the needs of her students.

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    “We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Martin when our son was 4. He had been diagnosed with a tongue thrust, was not capable of saying most consonants, and deemed unintelligible. What we thought of as a cute way to speak, was actually a serious issue. We met with Ms. Martin to discuss her working with our son, and he took to her immediately. Her kindness and ability to encourage him to work to her was simply amazing, with positive measurements heard immediately. She developed an integrated schedule for him, where he worked one-on-one with her two days a week, and practiced at home the time in between. Ms. Martin prepared him for the first day of school – he was no longer unintelligible. He continues to meet with her one day a week, does his speech homework, and has one consonant remaining! We have been very impressed with Ms. Martin’s work for many reasons. First, when we brought our son to her, she attended special continuing education courses on our son’s diagnosis to ensure she was using the most current methodologies to assist him. Second, she is the type of professional a child wants to spend time with and please, as she is as excited as they are when they succeed in their tasks. Finally, Ms. Martin has a laser focused approach to learning speech, applied in kid-friendly manner, including through games and the use of sports, allowing the learner to be a child and be a successful speaker at the same time.”

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