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    My son was being bullied at Green valley High School, He was hit, kicked punched, his things were broken, and he was kicked in the balls, The Dean wrote it up as in-appropriate behavior, which was wrong on her part. My son was denied to go to the bathroom and he really had to go so he left the class and was written up for it. My son had a altercation with a student, and he was suspended, and the Dean Mrs Barkowitz told 2-3 students that my son needs anger management, that this was a lovers triangle, and he is love with this girl (100% false, this girl we have known for over 9 yrs and they are like brother and sister). When my son was being bullied I asked the Dean what is going on with the other student and she said she can’t discuss other students with anyone, it is the privacy of the student. But this same dean can tell other students abut my son where is his privacy????? I want to sue them for violating my son’s privacy and for the bullying that was not written up, It seems like she is singling out my son and I feel we are being discriminating against. I am 100% disabled, and our rights and privacy were violated.

    Thank You
    Ann Marie Alessi

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