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    One of the worst companies to deal with, extremely unprofessional and uncaring, not responsible absolutely certainly do not recommend. I agree with all of the previous comments (from Dublin, CA). Multiple problems and issues not just one to mention – quality (BII and supervisor), scheduling (sudden cancellations, frequent no shows, no make up sessions, punctuality issues (most times late if they do show up), company policy (the right hand does not know what left is doing) – no management supervision. I had this agency for my daughter for over a year and it has taken my tolerance until now to write this honest review. I have tried to escalate issues multiple times, left messages but there is no accountability from ANYONE including the owner Mr. Noni. Please seek alternate good service providers if you want effectiveness and quality delivery.
    If there was a negative rating I would have given that..these guys don’t even deserve 1.

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