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    honestly .. it has being horrible my experience with gateway . They recently bought Aim which was the company that was providing ABA services to my 4 year old autistic daughter..Aim let me know that gateway was going to take over the services to my daughter first I was hesistant to switch over to them but my wonderful ABA Supervisor convince to give them a tried ..Gateway started sending me by email paperwork to sign it and send it over .once I hit the part where they ask credit card I began to email them ask them why I need one if the services where cover by Meedical …no answer what so ever over three weeks trying and nobody answer me until one day before Aim last day to lwt me.know that the company dis not take my insura ce…so know my 4 year old autistic daughter will be without much needed services because they coulsnt communicate with me and let me know…and know my daughter will have to be on a waitinglist for who knows how much time..what a nighrmare…

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    Gateway and their team have made a tremendous difference in our lives. Thy started working with our son when he was almost 2 years old, he is 3 1/2 now. My wife and I have found all of the various therapists employed by Gateway to be well trained and compassionate. They helped our son break out of his ridged routine and become more comfortable being around others. As an involved parent who asks a lot of questions, the BCBA that works with our son always took the time to address my various concerns and was very good about focusing on behaviors/tasks that were important to my wife and me. I have met so many parents with kids on the spectrum the last 2 years and have heard some real horror stories about other ABA providers. I am so happy that we work with Gateway because we have never had any major issues with the people or services they provide.

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    YES! I am a parent to a brilliant, speaking, thriving, happy as can be almost 6 year old girl with high functioning autism. But when Gateway first met her at the age of 2, there was no speech, little eye contact, mass confusion. Kathleen Simcoe and her team from Gateway came into our lives and literally dedicated themselves to help our daughter from A to Z. Gateway is just amazing. Our daughter has literally been transformed. Now part of that is her dedication, her brilliant ability to learn, but it also was in large part due to Gateway and their persistence, their loving approach, their unfathomable patience. The programs they used with Amstel, our daughter, were taught in the best way that matched her best learning style. Amstel today, when she sees her therapists from Gateway (they still come work with her now in school) she regards them as Aunts, as family, she’s known them so long, and they’ve never let her down. To a Mother whose daughter just was diagnosed, I was completely lost, scared, confused, and I swear they were a good chunk of what helped me to grab reality and learn how to be a Mom to a child with special needs. So parents, I can’t say enough about Gateway, and I’m happy to talk to any parent that has questions about them. We are forever grateful for having been assigned Gateway back then, and now you have a choice to choose the right team.

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