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    I am the mother an autistic boy. He has severe communication deficits as well as limitations in both diet and appropriate play. I moved several times (state to state), as I am sure other parents have had to do just to be able to locate and secure services for my child, who I once felt helpless in reaching let alone helping. My move to Florida was a game-changer because for once, I found myself in a community with a qualified and growing autism network of which the Florida Autism Center is now an integral part. My son has attended the center for more than a year, and the improvements I see in his development are simply amazing. The journey to treatment is difficult and sometimes hard to measure because as any parent knows, living with an autistic child, we often want to see overnight success. The truth is, therapy takes time and when I look back over the past year and see where my son has come from, I know I have only the staff and treatment of his providers to thank. We are not “there” yet when it comes to him hitting every milestone but everyday, I am more hopeful we will get there.

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