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    We have been very impressed with C.B.E.S.T, not only because they are so compassionate and caring, but most importantly, how thoughtful they have been when selecting staff to work with our son. Year after year, we have had amazing behaviorists who are not only skilled but are truly caring too! This is a result of good judgment and leadership from top down.

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    Great program overall; we had to leave our providers who lacked knowledge in ABA and were inconsistent in delivering services. This agency takes a global perspective when it comes to treating children, not just through an ABA lens but also considering the family dynamics, clinical issues and cultural sensitivity. The director, Dr. Bahador is highly involved and takes the time to listen to our concerns and will visit our child at his school to assist the educational team

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    This agency is small in size and the quality top-down has been fantastic in my family’s experience. The director “Dr. B” is involved with his clients, supervision is quick to respond when issues arise, and I can’t rave enough about our BII. Even the subs are good. I would say they have had substitute BIIs available 80-90% of the time when ours calls in sick, which is comparable to the larger agency we used to be with.

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