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    Finally a caring ABA Therapy company that really cares about who they treat, love all the professional staff and the head Clinical BCBA Director Beatriz Kouracles, I have two children on the spectrum and have been using several ABA providers in the past, none have come even close to the perSonali and professional services of Monarch Behavior Analysis of Boca Raton FL,,I highly recommend if you have a child under the spectrum to call and speak to them

    I love them for what they bring inot my children’s life’s


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    Excellent service and commitment by Monarch Behavior Analysis of Boca Raton, BCBA Beatriz Kouracles. My child has improved in so many ways. I am highly recommending BCBA Beatriz and all her staff at Monarch Behavior Analysis. She not only helped my child’s behavioral issues but educated us and and our school in order to implement all her successful procedures. I am very happy I found a true and caring professional


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    Monarch Behavior Analysis with its owner Beatriz Kouracles BCBA has helped my daughter with all her behavior issues. she has improved on her daily activities and life skills. I love Monarch and what they bring to the table for our family

    God Bless

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    Service and commitment is what Monarch and Beatriz Kouracles Clinical BCBA are all about. My child has seen great improvements since we started service with Monarch Behavior Analysis. If your child is on the spectrum you must call Monarch. Please email me I can provide more detail about the services and people that can help your child as they have done with mine

    God Bless

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    My child has seen a lot of improvements since I have been with Monarch Beatriz Kouracles BCBA. I recommenced her services to anyone looking for help with their children with autism and other disabilities. I can not thank Monarch Behavior Analysis of Boca enough for the the services provide to my child.

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    Real cares about my sons treatments very experienced and the approaches used for treatment are well though out and easy to apply as a parent. I highly recommend Monarch behavior Beatriz Kouracles ,, anyone can contact me on my email if they like to discuss further detail

    Parent of child with Autism

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