Creating an account with Love My Provider is easy, with the social login feature it allows you to login easily, You’ll be creating, rating and favorite provider listings in no time!

2. Reviews come from real parents like you

 Submitting a listing using Love My Provider is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy, and use Google in our search mechanism to make sure listings stay as up to date as possible.

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This won’t be the first time parents look for a service for their child, but it may be the last time, because Love My Provider’s state of the art services are at a parent’s fingertips. Our LiveChat or phone call service will help you find what you’re looking for in no-time.

Let’s be honest. The problem with most special need directories, while lengthy, is that many of them aren’t up to date or don’t have parent reviews. It’s why Love My Provider is so popular, because we match great quality with fantastic functionality and up-to-date results.
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