We all know how hard it is to justify expenses on what most people would consider just a fun gadget. But here are 5 reasons why the Apple iWatch could actually be a lifesaver for you and your family.

1. The heart beat: Having a child with special needs is no easy feat. With the new Apple iWatch, parents with kids on the spectrum can take a moment to check in with themselves, and cool down when they realize things are heating up.

 2. Health monitoring: Taking care of a child with special needs barely leaves time for taking care of yourself. The health monitoring feature will help you make sure you’re doing just a little bit more each day than you were doing yesterday so that you can stay healthy and happy.

 3. Built in Timer: Every parent knows how important the timer is for managing their child’s expectations. Timing how many minutes of screen time are left, or how long until bedtime has never been easier. Since the watch is attached to your wrist, it doesn’t leave room for any grabbing for the phone or timer, it’s essentially like your hand telling your kiddo it’s time for bed!

 4. Easily accessible: So many of our kids love our phones. But sometimes reaching for your phone is the last thing you’re able to do when you’re driving between behavior, occupational or speech therapy. Instant access to a text from your partner or phone call from the school is one less thing you have to reach for.

 5. Keeping the romance alive: A special needs child can bring so much joy to families, but can still cause strain on a relationship. Having a quick and easy way to let your partner know you’re thinking about them during the day can be just the gentle touch you need to make it through your day.

 Now go on and indulge a little! Leave a comment below if you can think of any other reason you should buy an Apple iWatch!